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Luna Rossi is a boutique store that sells gifts, jewellery and accessories. It`s our philosophy to provide products that inspire people and we pride ourselves on having an extensive selection for both men and women. With our growing range of gifts there are no limits to what you can give your loved ones! 

Luna Rossi believes in the power of individual style. We create and source jewellery and accessories for those who love to experiment with their look, stay true to themselves and define their own sense of style. Based in Nottingham UK, our products and designs range from delicate pieces with feminine detail to bold statement pieces that speak volumes about your personality.

Our goal is to provide everyday essential accessories, as well as gifts and goodies to make every woman feel special. Luna Rossi`s mission is to offer fashion-forward products with timeless designs, quality materials and excellent customer service at an affordable price point.

Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.